Viewing Crash Reports

Glacier clients record events on your device that are out of the ordinary, such as network connection errors and when you are denied access. These log files are only stored on your computer or mobile phone.

When you’re experiencing malfunctions and require the assistance of our support team, they may ask you to attach these log files to your ticket.

Locate your personal logs

Logs are a summary of events and actions from your device, so they may contain sensitive information such as usernames. This data won’t be accessible to Glacier employees until you send your personal logs to our support team. Make sure you review the log files and rename sensitive data before sending them to our team.

  1. When a crash occurs you will get a new message from Bugs.
  2. Long press on the message and tap Copy to clipboard.
  3. Email the bug report to support@glaciersec.atlassian.net.