Status messages

This feature is available ✔️ for: Plan: Standard, Pro, Enterprise, and Guardian Platform: Android

Your Status within Glacier Chat allows you to let your contacts see whether you are available or not, and also allows you to pick or customize a status message as well. Status dots and status message icons are shown on the contacts list as well as on the contact details screens within Glacier Chat. 

To change or update your status and/or status message from the main chat list screen:

  1. Open the Menu and tap on your status.
  2. Select the radio button next to your desired status, and then choose a status message as well, if desired.  If you prefer a custom status message, select the radio button labelled Custom, and then type in your message in the field below.
  3. Tap Confirm to set or update your status and/or status message. 
  4. If you open the menu again, you will see your updated status and status message. 

Updated 24 Nov 2021
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