Security Hub Features

This feature is available ✔️ for: Plan: Standard, Pro, Enterprise, and Guardian Platform: Android and iOS

The Glacier Security Hub protects your device, data, and communications by detecting if your device has been compromised. In addition, Glacier verifies that your device security settings are configured for optimal security. When a threat or issue is detected, Glacier will send you a notification within the app.

The items below are included in Glacier's Security Hub:

  • System - Detects any intrusions or anomalies in the user's device, and if the device has been rooted or jailbroken.
  • Device Lock - Informs the user if the device has an active locking mechanism when not in use.
  • Latest Glacier - Alerts the user if the current version of Glacier Chat is not the latest released version.
  • Latest OS - Shows the user if the device is using the most recent version of the operating system.
  • Application Lock - Reflects whether or not the user has enabled Glacier's app lock feature in the app's Settings menu. If enabled, the app requires unlocking via pattern, pin, fingerprint, or facial recognition even if the phone is unlocked.
  • Biometric Lock - Indicates that the user has enabled fingerprint or facial recognition as an additional unlocking option.
  • Core Connection - Displays whether or not the Secure Core Connection feature of Glacier has been enabled. This feature is not dependent on the Core profile being connected, but at least enabled.

Updated 28 Jun 2022
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