Network troubleshooting

When you experience connection issues in Glacier, but otherwise have internet connection in your other apps and computer, then you are probably facing a network error – read on to learn how to solve it. And if you require assistance along the way, our support team is here to aid you.

If Glacier Core is active, try disconnecting prior to troubleshooting. Glacier Core adds additional overhead and complexity and may cause device connection issues while on an weak internet connection.

Required ports

Glacier uses four outgoing ports (TCP 443, TCP 80, TCP 5222, and TCP 5333) – make sure both are enabled on your firewall.

  • All communication uses HTTPS (HTTP+TLS) on TCP 443
  • SSL certificate CRL checking uses TCP port 80

Outgoing communication is enabled by default on most firewalls, especially these (standard) ports.


To avoid this issue please contact your system administrator to whitelist Glacier from the SSL inspection and firewall. If this is your home network, please check your vendor’s tutorial for more information about whitelisting a service.

Glacier Pro, Enterprise, and Private Enclave customers will receive unique IP address and DNS names for whitelisting.

Required hosts and IP addresses: These addresses may change at any time without prior notification. While we do our best to keep this list current, you should not rely on the exact IP addresses for filtering. If you experience further issues in the future, please check back for the updated list.


  • glacier.chat
  • glaciersec.cc