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Glacier Core is a VPN built into Glacier Chat that leverages Glacier's moving network to provide data security, obfuscation, and privacy for all apps on your device. You can find out more information about Glacier Core here.

This feature is available ✔️ for: Plan: Pro, Enterprise, and Guardian Platform: Android and iOS

A Core profile is a configuration that instructs your phone to encrypt and send your data to one of Glacier's global entry nodes. Typically profiles are named after the geolocation of the entry node (i.e. Virginia, Frankfurt).


How to enable Core

Before enabling Core, make sure you've installed Glacier Core for Android. The app will automatically direct to you the Play Store if Core is not installed.

From the Glacier Chat menu, tap Core Connection. Select a profile and toggle the Use Secure Core switch. When your connection is established a key icon will appear in your Android status bar.

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Updating Core Profiles

From the Core Connection page, tap the blue Update button at the bottom right. Your profiles will be updated.


How to enable Core

From the Glacier Chat menu, tap Core Connection. Tap Enable Core Connection. Glacier will ask to install a VPN profile configuration on your iPhone/iPad. The Core connection will automatically start.

Updating Core Profiles

Core profiles are automatically update each time Core Connection is enabled.

Automatically connect/disconnect Core Connection

Core Connection can automatically connect when connected to WiFi or cellular.

To disable Core Connection when connected to a specific WiFi network, tap WiFi Networks under Core Activation. Tap Add WiFi Network and type in the network name (SSID). If you're connected to WiFi, it will automatically display the network name.

Updated 16 Dec 2021
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