Calling issues

Troubleshooting Calling Issues

There might be cases when you experience jittery or intermittent connection while making a call. This brief troubleshooting guide offers a few tips and steps you can take to fix the issue quickly.  

Jitter is the variation in latency across the network. High jitter indicates bad network and adversely affects call quality.

When should you suspect slow, or intermittent connection issues?

If upload/download speeds are slow, call quality is unreliable and seems to crawl or your connection is not stable and you receive error messages about your connection status or you experience jitter, then you are possibly dealing with a slow, or intermittent connection.

How to investigate or solve slow, or intermittent connection issue?

  1. Review your connection with other websites and services.
  2. Restart Glacier and/ or your device. If you experience difficulties in accessing other websites, we recommend resetting your network connection via your router. If you're on a company account, please contact your network administrator.
  3. Run a network speed test and compare the results to your contracted network speed. (Remember that internet service providers usually guarantee a much slower bandwidth than you've signed up for). A popular and reliable speed test can be found here: speedtest.net. If you decide to create a support ticket, please include the results in the support ticket in either text or screenshot form.
  4. If none of the above-mentioned steps could solve the issue, please create a support ticket:
    • If the speed test showed the expected results, we'll analyze your network connection log files to see if we can find any errors on our end, or if we can identify a distinct error with your connection to our servers.
    • It is also possible that we will ask you for your local Glacier logs. These can be found using this guide.

Network Bandwidth Requirements

The following table lists the network requirements to deliver reasonable audio quality.

Network requirements


Bandwidth (Uplink/Downlink)

40kbps / 40kbps

Latency (RTT)

< 200ms


< 30ms

Packet Loss

< 3%

The Glacier team will try to help you to solve your issue as soon as possible. By completing the steps above and including the results in your support ticket, you'll greatly help our work to find out exactly what is wrong with your connection.

Updated 24 Nov 2021
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